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About Malindians

There is a story behind everything about posted on malindians.com. One thing that is common about these stories is that they are all about the people and the pride about every single aspect of the people of Malindi.

About Malindi

Malindi Kenya has been a tourist hub for quite some time. It has been enjoying a lot of attention from Italian tourist hence getting the name little Italy. This has made Malindi Kenya invest heavily in hotels, villas, private houses and restaurants to cater for its guests. The investment did not stop there, the people went ahead to learn the best of Italian culture -Cooking. Malindi town the best of Italian meals of course pizzas included.

What We do

Malindians.com looks to tell the world what Malindi Kenya has offered to the world. It wants to brag about its five Star hotel and resorts, expensive villas and private houses, amazing beaches and marine parks, golden and white beaches.

The journey is long and we have just started. Help us share the best experiences to the world. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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