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About Malindi Kenya

Malindi is an amazing place among other destinations in East Africa. As residents of Malindi Kenya, we have enjoyed many years of favorable tourism. From time in memorial, tourism in Malindi relied on word of mouth of a few individual tourists that spread the word to Italy. This made Malindi "Little Italy", a haven visited mostly by Italian businessmen and pensioners, politicians and celebrities.

Taking a stroll in the streets of Malindi Kenya is one of the amazing things one can do. a few glances on the houses built in different parts of town and you can immediately tell of the swahili influence on the architecture. A few years back, most of the houses were thatched with palm tree leaves, commonly known as makuti. Like other communities, with change of times, makuti thatching have been replaced with ironsheets. However, there are some parts that still value this kind of culture. Most beach hotels, villas and resorts have this kind of roofing.

The swahili culture has a big influence on the dressing of the natives. Women wearing buibuis and men putting on kanzu is an indicator of the presence of Islam within the town. Traditionally, women adorn Khangas as wrappers while men made shirts and trousers fro them. Leather sandals for both men and women are a norm. They compliment well kanzu, buibui or khanga attires.

Why Visit Malindi?


Malindi is rich in town comprising of Portuguese History, Italian, Arab and other local African Cultures. This is evident in architecture, dressing and sumptous delicacies.


Malindi is a friendly town with a cosmopolitan population, welcoming to all visitors and families with children, and open to minorities and alternative lifestyles.


Malindi is a compact and intimate town, ideal for a short city break or a longer romantic stay, with a lively swahili culture and a nightlife that is one of the most vibrant in the coast of Kenya.


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