silversands apartments
"I liked the private beach, the ambience was perfect. It felt like home if we lived in a hacienda. The staff was so nice and friendly. The very charismatic chef made such delicious meals for us and was really friendly."
"The staff was the highlight! They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy throughout our stay. The property was beautifully set out and their attention to detail was spectacular."  
The ruins of Gede are the relics of onr of the Arab - African settlements found along the East African coast. These towns were built by the swahili people during the 13th and 14th Century. Scientist estimates that at the peak of its prosperity about 2500 people lived in Gede.
The bay of Mida creek expands across an area of 32 Km. It comprises of different types of habitats that are influenced that are influenced by the tide; presence of mud, sand, flat & shallow water ponds as well as thick mangrove forests. As a matter of fact, Mida creek ecosystem is known to be one of the most...
Kama ilivyokuwa desturi yetu sis watu wa Malindi, Kila jumatano, tunajumuika Pine Court Beach bar kwa "Karaoke Night". Karaoke night inakuwa ina mengi zaidi kando na karaoke. Inakuwa na nafasi ya kujivunia talanta za wasanii wa mji wa Malindi. Wiki hii haikuwa na tofauti. Tulikuwa na Msanii Angiey Fresh. Mwanadada huyu ni Mzaliwa wa Kisumu lakini ni mkazi wa...